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Chisels Cracking can get compensation.It`s the quality problem of poor raw materials.As the poor steel billets` compression ration not enough lead to the problems during forging and stamping.Our chisels all adopt high quality alloy steel and strictly inspect to avoid this problem and assure the quality.

Striked part damaged can get compemsation for using less than 150mm,nothing for using over 250mm.This problem caused of the strength of raw materials without enough or existed granule impurities between the piston and chisel.This phenomenon is not happend in a short time and one-off.The granules in hammer usually appear on the top of the piston and chisel,this will lead to a little breakage on the top of chisel.After being strike repeatedly,the breakage spread further.So the user should be attention the task to avoid  the situation worser,thus it will not bring unnecessary damage for breaking hammer.Finding problems in advance avoid the potential danger.

Striked part damaged can get compensation.Material itself exist tiny cracking condition may occur the phenomenon as shown in figure.Especially the piston strike force lager,the parts strike of chisel can be broken to pieces instantly.Then the operator should discover the problems in time.If you still want to use,the pieces of chisels in hammer will damage the piston.

Flat pin fracture can get compensation.As the raw material exist instability inclusion lead to the chisels`surface of invisible tiny flaw.After the heat treatment,the harm of the tiny flaw till appear soon during the chisels in working.The fracture caused by this reason can be very neat,just like cutting.Appeared such case can get compensation.

Leaning strike can not get compensation.The chisels,internal&external bushings and pistons have been againg and breakage seriously lead to the chisels can`t be installed proper to keep the working position correctly.Thus the piston keep in touch with the chisel incompletely lead to leaning when working.So the operator should be attention on the daily maintence and replacing the wear or aging accessories.Besides,it`ll be happened when leaning strike because of anthropic factor.



Null strike problem can not get compensation.This phenomenon of null strike or leaning strike caused by the operator unskilled or inattention operating.Discovering the problems in time and abrading the damaged quickly.Otherwise the fallen iron may go along the chisel and the internal bushing damaged hammer,it can lead to the steel bar stroke and the piston damaged unitl the collision part to the piston and the chisel.

Tip damaged can not get compensation.Striked overlarge or directly working on the hardness rock at the beginining can be caused the chisel tip damaged because of the chisels higher hardness.So new chisel should preheat with smaller impact for some time before operating in advance.It can make chisel adapt to working condition to play the best function.In addition,in reinforced concrete structural fracture,chisel tip carding into the reinforcement through forcibly pull assignments also can appear this phenomenon.

Mushroom roll phenomenon can not get compensation.When chisel worked in higher hardness environment,after strike for a long time,it makes the temperature of the fronter being overhigh,annealing being soft and then produce mushroom sediment.Pay attention that the breaking hammer could not strike over 30s continuously in the same point.If strike without breaking target for a long time,please change the hit point to try.

Tip forged and striked problem can not get compensation.Our chisels are designed for common hydraulic breaking hammer.Users should pay attention to replace them in time.The problem that forging and striking on the chisels lead to strike part overload stress thereby forming fracture.